Thursday, June 17, 2010

My latest sewing project: APRONS!

I had to run to walmart today to pick up some more white thread for my rag quilt. While I was there I was trying to think of another quick sewing project I could do. I thought, Why not make some aprons for the girls out of dish towels.

In my mind, I figured I could just cut a dish towel down a bit, fold up the bottom for pockets, and sew on ribbon to make the ties. Very simple and easy.

When I got home from the store and finished the rag quilt, I started looking online for pictures of dish towel aprons. Then I just started looking at cute kids aprons. I remembered all this scrap fabric I had just sitting a drawer, waiting to be used. Most of it coordinated, since they were from another project. I decided to use this fabric to make a super cute apron.

First I sat down and decided what I wanted on it. Taylor insisted on 2 pockets. I had to have a ruffled part somewhere... but I couldn't decide if it should be the lower half of the apron, or just a bit at the bottom. Anyways... Here's the final results:
I have to say that I LOVE IT!!!!!
The bottom ruffle
A pocket
The top
I was working on one for maddie at the same time, but after both top 1/2's were finished, I just worked on Taylor's bottom to make sure I knew how to do it. Now that T's is done, it shouldn't take me anytime to make maddie's bottom half. Then the girls will have super cute and girly matching aprons!

Taylor's so excited to use them for crafts, art, and cooking... She wants to make cookies right now... too bad we don't have the stuff to make some.

Everything was scraps, except for the dishtowels which I bought at walmart 2 for $3. I cut the dishtowel in half so it only formed the bottom half of the apron. So, In other words, I can get 4 aprons for only $3, or $.75 a piece! Not too shabby...

Once the girls go to bed, I may try to make 2 more... maybe I can use them as gifts or take them to work for the little girls there. We'll see... Either way, I'm loving sewing again. And it's super fun to make my own patterns. I wonder what else I can make!!!

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