Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bumper pads and Lollipops

some random cuteness
this face is just so sad
and this one is too cute
taylor just looks so sweet here
here too
Madison is pure sweetness

Until now, maddie hasn't moved much in her sleep. She basically just lays there. The only scary thing for me has been that she likes to rub her face with her blanket. Because of this, I've gone in her room numerous times to find her completely covered by her blankets (whether she was swaddled or not) and I'm terrified she'll smother herself. Now a new scary thing... Maddie is rolling over. Both ways, very well now. Last night, I laid her down in bed on her back laying one way, with a light pink paci in her mouth. When she woke me up for her 3 am feeding, she was laying the opposite way, on her stomach, with a dark pink paci in her mouth. This didnt scare me at all... in fact, I thought it was pretty funny. Then she woke me up again, not long after, and her legs were stuck, hanging out of her crib through the rails. So, to bumper pad or not? It's in storage. We'd have to dig to find it. It's one of those super padded ones that you're not supposed to use anymore cause babies can smother in them. Do i get it? Or not? Or buy one of the mesh ones? I remember going through this phase with taylor... dont' remember what we did for it. Just remember she'd get stuck all the time. (***Note: after talking to chris today during his lunch break, he told me was the one who moved maddie in the middle of the night. LOL. He's the one who gave her the other paci. Crazy huh? I feel silly for thinking she'd done it all on her own! She did however roll over on her tummy. I'm very impressed chris got up with her... he usually sleeps through the crying. So thanks babe. I appreciate the extra sleep i got!) Moving on...

Taylor and I made lollipops today. LOL. I just accidentally typed lollipoops. :) Too funny. Anywho- Taylor is SO into cooking right now. She even made lunch yesterday for me and grandma (it was pasta salad. She dumped everything in after I'd cooked it and gotten it ready... then she added the dressing and stired it up! She loves pasta salads.) So, i saw on John and kate plus 8 the other day, they made lollipops. Just melted down that candy you buy from craft stores, poured it on sticks, and decorated with sprinkles. Easy right? I thought taylor could handle that. So here's our first adventure into candy making!The supplies

Taylor with the chocolate on her face

How she got chocolate on her face

Our finished workPosing with her lollipop (she's saying cheese!)

No... i really didn't let maddie have any! I might be nuts, but I'm not crazy :)

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  1. That looks like fun. I think I'm gonna try it! Thanks for the idea! I can totally handle that!


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