Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thank You Girls, For Rock Band

Thanks to our wonderful daughters, we had a nice little tax refund. We are being very good with most of it. Paying off debt, and putting the rest into savings. But... We decided since we were being so good... we deserved a treat!

So, last night we went out on a date (thanks to John and Krystin!) and we bought Rock Band 2! I am SO excited... we stayed up a bit and played last night. Then we woke up early this morning before the girls were up (well, maddie was awake, but not fussing) and we played some more. It is too much fun. I really like the drums, but I suck at them. I'm better at the guitar thanks to guitar hero. And the singing is my favorite... though I haven't had a real chance to rock out there. People were trying to sleep both times we played and it's hard to whisper sing.

Anyways... I'm so glad to have my girls in my life. And glad to be able to use them as tax deductions. And glad to be able to buy this awesome game with that tax deduction.

So thanks girls. Daddy and Mommy love our new toy!


  1. Kids do totally rock! Especially when they help you get extra cash from Uncle Sam! ;)

  2. Yahoo!!! I played Rock Band with the YW for the first time last weekend...holy crap, it's so fun!

    On the big girl bed thing, it has really helped Greta to not have both the box spring AND mattress on her bed. Just put a board under the mattress and that's all. This way, her bed is only about a foot off the ground. We also have one side against the wall and she tends to sleep closer to the wall. Anyway, don't know what Taylor's bed is like but this helped Greta a lot. She loves that it's "big" but that she can still get on and off of it super easy. Hope this helps. We had a partial rail for a while and eventually don't need it. Their bodies figure it out eventually. :)

  3. You gotta love kids! Thanks to our kid, we too get a refund! Don't know what we are gonna buy. Probably buy furniture for the place. Who knows? Rock band sure sounds fun!


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