Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've learned recently that patience is a funny thing.
It seems like every time I lose it... Chris finds it. I have to say how greatful I am for this.
He's saved Maddie from certain death a couple times this week alone.
I'm just kidding!!!! I would never do anything to my gorgeous baby girl. I would, however, pull my hair out and lose the last of my sanity, if it wasn't for Chris saving the day.
Another funny thing about patience... It seems to me that the more I pray for it, the harder it is to keep it. Maybe I should quit praying for it.
Even as I sit here, Maddie is fussing behind me as chris tries his best Daddy Dance to calm her. I can hear his patience slowly being lost, and I'm calming down a bit, gearing up for another round of gassy baby cries.
Oh the joys of parenthood!!!

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  1. gripe water will help... get it from any walgreens type store.


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