Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is in the air... and lots of germs too.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Me and Chris exchanged gifts Friday evening when he got home from work. We couldn't wait! First, Chris got me a Heart shaped Box of Chocolates, and a dozen roses. The perfect start. I thought it was done there. But no. My handsome is full of suprises. He also got me an ITunes Gift Card and the movie Nights in Rodanthe. WooHoo. He even is going to watch it with me!
Our roses... Taylor's is the yellow one, Maddie's is pink... mine are the redder ones.

Not only did my handsome treat his Oldest woman on this valentine's day. He also bought a rose each for Maddie and Taylor and a stuffed animal for each. The stuffed animals were holding their own little boxes of chocolate (Taylor is getting to eat Maddie's, but don't worry... Maddie gets hers by proxy :P )
Taylor with her rose and elephant and chocolates.
Chris got a Kurt Cobain Biography book. And a handmade card! I worked hard on that card. :) No... my gift was not as cool as what he got me... BUT, I honestly didn't think he'd get anything, except maybe the flowers and chocolates! another BUT... Valentine's is kinda a girl's holiday anyways... right?
Taylor and her elephant

So, all that was friday night. On Saturday ~ V-Day! ~ Me and chris took the girls up to my mom and dad's so we could go out just the two of us. After dropping them off, we went to eat at Buca Di Beppo (my absolute favorite italian restaurant ever!) We had the best lunch and an awesome waiter! And there was no wait cause we were a little early for the lunch rush.

Maddie and her tiger and chocolates... chris's book is beside her tiger too... the Kurt Cobain biography.

After our incredible meal, we went to the Frist to see the Renaissance Exhibit. It was amazing to see all those artifacts, statues, books, etc. I told chris I would read my scriptures more often if they had all that gold and colorful drawings in them.

Maddie eating her tiger!

My favorite item was a sculpture of the virgin mary and joseph on their way to bethlehem. It wasn't the most beautiful... but it stood out to me. Mary was riding the donkey (like most pictures portray the story) with joseph walking beside. There was another man/boy in the pictures, and it said the boy was josephs son from a previous marriage. I thought that was cool... not that he had the son... if that's even true, just that i'd never heard of that before. I wonder where they got that from.

My movie, chocolates, and itunes card.

After the Frist, We drove around for a bit... we ended up stopping at Krispy Kreme. We bought a dozen doughnuts for dessert and for a thank you for my family for babysitting. After that we went back to my parents and hung out for a bit.

We ended our day by going over to John and Krystin's and watching Isaac while they went out to see a movie. Taylor and Isaac have started to play so well together. they're too funny.

The only bad part of the day was... Me and Chris both woke up with sore throats yesterday. By the end of the day, my head hurt, my nose was running, my stomach was churning. I was SICK. I am Sick. I couldn't sleep last night and that made it worse. Also, both my girls have runny noses. Maddie even has a temperature. So this morning handsome went to the store and bought us meds (everything at krogers was buy one get one free, so we stocked up.) I've taken mine, maddie's got hers. Taylor even got some vitamins. Now it's time for a nap. If only maddie will let me.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you had a good one. I sure did. Cold and all!

It was a great valentine's day.


  1. What a great V-Day! How long is that exhibit at the Frist? I will have to go next time I'm in town! :)

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