Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Wednesday Letter for you

My mom and dad -in laws read this book recently, and said it was a great read, so I thought, What the heck. I'm waiting to either borrow goose girl or buy it, so I'm not reading anything at the moment. Why not try out this little book. Also, the author, Jason Wright, spoke at Time Out For Women that I attended a little while back. He was very funny and I just knew this would be a good book.

Then the first chapter happened. I won't say much about what happened. But I didn't want to read anymore. I thought it was awful. Not the writing or anything. Just the story. I didn't want to finish it. It made me very sad. I get a little over emotionally involved in books. But Pat said to keep on going and I trust her (especially about books.) So... I picked the book back up yesterday morning and started reading again. I just skipped past chapter one.

I was finished reading last night at 9:30. Oh my, what an incredible book. There at the end I was crying pretty hard. (It takes alot to make me honestly cry at a movie, but for some reason, when it comes to books... I get the runs from my eyes! Sorry for that imagery.) I'm sure Chris saw my silent sobs and shaking shoulders from across the room where he was working on his laptop. Maddie was laying on the bed in front of me and it seemed the more into the story and upset I was, the more she screamed. I would put the book down and calm her down, then pick it right back up.

I have to say, this was SO good. I've told Chris he HAS to read it... it's not really his cup of tea, but regardless, he's going to read it. Maybe someday I'll even get my own Wednesday letter! LOL... right! Well, I can dream can't I?

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