Friday, February 6, 2009

Taylor Made Cookies

Like my little play on words? LOL.
Me and Taylor made cookies today.
She helped alot more than I thought she'd be able to.
She helped to un-lumpify the mix (I can't think of another word for it!)
Then she helped me add the egg, water, and butter.
Then she helped stir the mix.
She helped dump teaspoons of dough on the cookie sheets.
She helped clean up the bowl and spoons.

She helped put the cookies on the cooling rack.

She helped put on the frosting.

She added the sprinkles.

Especially to this one.

We admired our good work.

Then she enjoyed the fruit of her labors.

Kinda. She only ate the sprinkles and frosting.

Good Job Taylor. Your first attempt at baking was great. I had fun cooking with you today! Next, we'll try brownies!


  1. I love her faces! Such cute pics.

  2. OMgoodness... you have more patience than me by FAR. you are too cool a mom. what lucky girls!
    -tiff seavy


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