Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adventures in a Big Girl Bed

As of right now, I'm still undecided about the bed rail. Yes, she has "fallen" out a couple more times. No injuries to report yet. I don't think there will be. So, I still don't know what I'll do. The debate is still on.

BUT, here are more of Taylor's adventures in her Big Girl bed... she has now realized she can get up and down in the middle of the night. She doesn't play though. Nope. In fact, I woke up yesterday morning to her voice. "She's up and playing" I thought. So I walked into her room to get her and bring her into my room. She wasn't there. I checked the bathroom. She wasn't there either. So I looked over the stairs, and there she was. Just wandering around down stairs. Who knows what time she got up. I'm sure it wasn't too long. For some reason, instead of being totally freaked out by this, I think it's funny. I know I should be seriously nervous... but I'm not. She's fine. And we've decided to put a baby gate up at the top of the stairs.

BUT, this morning, at 4, Taylor came strolling into our room. "I want my daddy." I wish chris could have been awake to hear it (I had been up nursing Maddie.) so I picked her up and set her in bed with us, Thinking she would go back to sleep. Silly me. She stayed up and asked for Elmo or Mickey every 5 minutes. I kept trying to tell her that they weren't up yet, and she shouldn't be either, but she insisted they had to be on TV. Anywho... around 7 she finally fell asleep... on my hips. Maddie was laying beside me on my arm... I was on my side, and taylor was laying in front of me with her head on my side. Every little move I made woke one of them up. Needless to say, I'm a little tired today. The point of this BUT is that we may be moving the baby gate from the top of the stairs, to the door to the girls room. I'm not sure about it yet though.


  1. When we put Kevin in a toddler bed, we had a HARD time getting him to stay there. After over a month with no sleep, I couldn't take it. We gated him into his room too. The first night, he got up, cried for like 1 second, and went back to bed. We used the gate for several months. Then one night, we took it down just to see, and he stayed. Now we don't need it.

    I was worried that he would be scared being trapped, but how is that different than a crib? I say, if it helps you sleep and keeps her safe, GO FOR IT. Good Luck!

  2. Kids are funny. Instead of getting up, Will is the opposite extreme. He just stays in bed until we tell him to get up. It sounds like a good thing, but don't be fooled! I wake up pretty early to him yelling out "MOM!!"


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