Friday, January 2, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

My little brother was married today. It was beautiful. There couldn't have been better weather. LeeAnn was beautiful. Michael was handsome. And everyone else was dressed their best too. Here's just a little bit that I got.

Taylor had a blast dancing... especially with her daddy.

Maddie just chilled the whole time.

whoops... forgot to turn that one.

It's me and Taylor!

MOre dancing

leeann, taylor, and maddie

taylor, daddy, and papa

i love this one.

this one here makes me want to cry it's so sweet.

the happy couple.
I'm so excited for them. Now they get to spend the next 7 days in Hawaii! I'm so jealous. I hope they have fun. I'm sure they will.

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  1. wahoooooooooo! Thanks for posting pictures. Im jealous to. I want to go somewhere nice and warm. Love the picture of Taylor


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