Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Very Merry Christmas

I realized, It's over a week after christmas and I haven't posted anything about it, as of yet. So here goes... Our wonderful christmas!

I'll start with the youngest little angel in our family... MADDIE
Maddie didn't get a whole lot, but lets face it... she's only 3 months old. There's not alot to buy for that age, besides clothes, and believe me... WE HAVE PLENTY! So maddie got a tray for her bumbo chair! She also got 101 Dalmations on DVD. She got a chalk placemat thingy. Yeah... I feel a bit like she was Ripped of. But seriously, what could we buy her? She did get a TON of stuffed animals from Mamie and Papa. And a car with a mommy and baby from Grandma and Grandpa! Moving on

Taylor's christmas was OUT OF THIS WORLD... Seriously, no 1 year needs to ever have such a good christmas. :) But it was so much fun for her. From Grandma and Grandpa, she got a super cute Doll House that makes noises and such when you ring the door bell or press on the phone and such. it's super cute. We got her a talking Elmo chair, A leapfrog DVD, a Potty, and a few other little things, including a ton of candy in her stocking. My mom and dad went a bit nuts when it came to stuff for taylor. My dad had fun with it all. They got her a Potato Head Kit that had 2 potatoes and 5 different outfits! They got her a wooden table with two chairs for her to sit at and eat or color. They got her a drum set, a rocking horse, a stick horse, and a POWER WHEELS PRINCESS 4 WHEELER. She also got a baby doll and a carrier and outfit for her. She got dress up clothes. And she has loved EVERYTHING. You would think that such a little kid getting so many things, she'd focus on just a couple things, but no. She LOVES them all. She loves to play on her drum set, which is real metal, but not real loud. She loves to ride her power wheels. She loves her elmo chair, her new table, her potato heads, her dolls, She has had a blast playing with everything. We had to rearrange our room in order to fit it all in! No joke!

I had an awesome christmas. Not only was it great to watch my girls get things, I got some pretty great stuff too. I got the Sex and the City DVD, both x-files movies on DVD, the new book by Nicholas Sparks, The lucky one, some awesome penguin pants, and some other great things!

Chris had a good christmas too. He got a new IPOD in UT orange! He got the Night trilogy by Elie Wiesel, Some awesome DVD's including I am Legend and The Hulk.
All in all it was a great holiday! Here's some pictures!

Here's Taylor in her Santa Suit. Super Cute!

Maddie in her christmas Dress! She doesn't look too happy about it.

Grandmother and Maddie.

Maddie LOVES to be talked to. Maddie and Leann

Christmas Eve we all open one gift at my parents house... PAJAMAS!

Christmas Morning, Taylor checking out her new toys with her Juice in hand!

Maddie and Mamie with Maddie's New Dolphin.

Taylor Drumming
Taylor and Maddie with their rocking horse.

Maddie, Getting ready to go see Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas Day.
Grandmama's Party at Grandma's House.

Jennifer and G-Mama

Brandon and Rodney

Mark, Matt, and Lu
Maddie and her Great Aunt Linda
Yup, Christmas was good this year. HOpe it's just as good next year!

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  1. holy cow Taylor hit the jack pot. Grant did pretty good to. Love all the pictures


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