Friday, January 16, 2009

My 16th Girls

Happy Birthday girls!

Today, Taylor is 20 months old, and Madison is 4 months old (time to pierce those ears)

Here's some facts about my little cuties.

(I think taylor look so funny in this one. I have no idea what she was saying to me, but I love her expression. It cracks me up. This pic just reminds me of some tabloid celeb shot.)
  • She can say anything now, and does. This includes "Stop It" which she says to me on average about 200 times a day.
  • she talks in little sentences, 3-4 words
  • she usually loves nap and bed time, and will ask for it if we keep her up too late
  • she has to have her sippy cup before bed. That will be changing before the end of the month
  • Her hair fits all up into a pony tail now (it's in one in these pictures.)
  • She LOVES water
  • She loves clothes
  • She loves to be Naked even more!
  • She REALLY loves Elmo.
  • She's learning how to go to the bathroom in a toilet!
  • She'll eat just about anything you put in front of her.
  • Her favorites are cookies and candy. Also beans, veggies, and any kind of noodles. Oh yeah, and rice.
  • Taylor is learning her letters. Her favorite way to learn them is to play on mommy's computer and point them out on the keyboard!
  • Taylor was born 1 week late.


  • She loves to talk.
  • She loves to smile.
  • She enjoys talking shoes with her aunt Jamie
  • She sleeps with mommy and daddy
  • She's been kinda rolling over for a few weeks, but really got it down on wednesday, the 14th! She's a rolly polly now.
  • She can hold herself up on all fours now. She's a strong little girl.
  • She's started playing with toys, holding them, reaching for them, looking at them.
  • She's found her hands too, and will go cross eyed from looking at them too closely!
  • She adores her sister. Taylor can usually get maddie to stop crying.
  • Maddie was born almost a week early.
  • If she had come out one minute earlier, she would have been born at 9:16 on 9/16.
  • She's started eating baby cereal because mommy aint enough anymore.
  • She's a very sweet spirit and a very good baby.

Our girls are our pride and joy. They are my favorite people in the world. I love spending time with them everyday and I'm greatful to be their mommy! They are the biggest blessing in mine and their daddy's lives. I can't believe how much they've grown in the 20 and 4 months they've been here. It's going by too fast. I wish it would slow down a bit, but at the same time, I can't wait for what's up ahead.

Happy birthday girls!


  1. I can't believe how fast they're growing! They're freakin adorable, good job!

  2. They are so cute. I just can't get over how Taylor was dancin' to DDR. They are so sweet. I'm sorry we didn't get to say goodbye. Time just ran out, I guess. Christopher told me he had the pukes, too. So, I guess a thanks is in order? Anyway, we had a good time. Love those girls!


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