Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pee pee in the Pot-tay!

Taylor did it! This morning, right after breakfast, she told me she had to go potty. So i took off her pants and her diaper, she sat at the toilet and a few minutes later... she'd done it! She peed in her potty. I was so excited, I embarassed her! If I embarass her at onlya year old, can you imagine what she'll think of me when she's a teen? We called daddy, she got chocolate, and we told mamie! I'm so proud of her. I talked to Zoni about it and she said when her kids would use the bathroom, they would do a little dance around the house singing "Pee pee in the pot-tay!" doing a little cha-cha thing. I'm gonna use that. Next time taylor goes, we're dancing and singing. I can't wait!


  1. 1st of all YAY for Taylor!!! 2nd since you're the mommy you're allowed to embarrass them, it's like an unwritten mom's law.

  2. Hurray Taylor!! It's a lot of work to potty train so young, but I'm telling you, it is WORTH IT!! At least for me, I love not having to change diapers. Love the video of Maddie laughing.


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