Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Whenever I give taylor a bath, or change her diaper, I always say "Naked!" I'm afraid I may have created a monster here. Taylor will now run around saying it when I take her clothes off. She'll even say it when she catches me or chris changing clothes.

Tonight, we put taylor to bed... Fully clothed. She had a button up shirt and pair of pants on for her pajamas. We had just changed her diaper and laid her down like every other night. She was talking to herself, playing with her stuff animals she sleeps with. She kept saying "Naked" and then I heard velcro. She got this monkey for christmas that has velcro on his hands and so I assumed the velcro I heard was this. We kinda laughed at Taylor saying Naked, I guess we thought she was talking about a doll or something. After a minute I asked chris, "Is taylor playing with the monkey?" "No, he's right here!" The monkey was on the floor beside chris.

I instantly knew that I would find taylor sitting naked in her bed. the velcro was from her diaper. She's learned how to take her clothes off. She unbuttoned her shirt, pulled off her pants, and stripped off that diaper. My little "Naked" monster! I love it!

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