Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heavenly Naps

My girls are both pretty good sleepers. Today though, they are AMAZING sleepers.

Nap time started today at about 1:15 to 1:30.

It's 5:02. Neither one is awake. Both are sleeping very soundly.

I have even tried to wake them up a bit. I came in the room, turned on the lights, turned up the TV. Nothing.

Both are still asleep. I hope this doesn't mean tonight is going to be horrid. That would not be cool.

Here are my sleeping beauties.

Can you spot the kid? LOL... Taylor has too many stuffed animals in her bed. But, these are the overflow from her stuffed animal canopy.
Sweet Taylor Brynn
My baby, Madison Emmarie!
Thank goodness for nap times!
Oh, also... I don't drug my kids. I swear!


  1. I love nap times! And days where my kids are great sleepers!! I hope you read a book or watched a movie or something for yourself. That's the only time that I can do something for myself. Days where my kids aren't so good at napping are probably some of the longest days of my life...

  2. That first pic of Taylor is hilarious! I was trying to figure out if they both were in the bed! I thought, surely not. Some of those stuffed animals look a little too real! Adorable!


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