Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At Last

I finally feel like my life is on some sort of schedule.
It has taken 5 1/2 months, but I think we've finally got it down.
So here it is... My Day!

6:40 am ~ Chris kisses me goodbye for work. He might not actually do this everyday anymore. Most days I have no idea if he's done this or not. I'm usually sleeping.

7:00 am ~ I wake up to Taylor at her door yelling "Mommy" to wake me up. I go get her and put her in my bed. I turn on whatever cartoon or musical she's currently in love with (at the moment it's Annie!), and go back to bed.

I drift in and out of sleep for the next little while, depending on whether or not taylor actually stays in bed with me or decides she wants to play in my room.

8 - 9:00 am ~ At some point we go down for breakfast. Lately I haven't been hungry, so I just get something for Taylor. Sometimes, I'll turn on the tv and scoot her to where she can see it. (I'm kinda thinking she may watch too much TV.)

9:30 - 10:00 am ~ Maddie wakes up. That's right... my baby sleeps in! She's perfect, what can I say! We watch more cartoons or a movie. We play some too. We do fun things sometimes.

11 - 12:00 pm ~ I start lunch and we eat. We get our lunch call from Chris. Maddie is eating lunch with us now too!!! She's eating cereal (only if it has fruit in it.) I'll start making baby food soon. I can't wait.

1:00 pm ~ Once lunch is done, it's my favorite time of day - NAP TIME. both girls go down for a nap. This is usually uneventful. They both go down easily. As long as their primary cd music and water fall moving picture are on.

3 - 4:00 pm ~ Nap time is over and it's play time. Sometimes we go outside... sometimes we make something... Depends on my mood.

4:00 pm ~ Chris calls home to let me know he's on his way home! I need him to call everyday! It may be silly, but alot of times, chris is out on an install or something and doesn't get off right at 4. I want to know when he'll be home. So he calls me, almost everyday.

5 - 6:00 pm ~ we have dinner at some point during this time. Yum yum. Maddie gets sleepy here too... so she has another nap, not as long as the first... but very effective!

8:00 pm ~ Time for prayers, a sippy cup, kisses goodnight, and lights out. Sometimes Maddie isn't quite ready to lay down yet (she's usually in bed by 9 though) but taylor is generally in bed at 8 (that's when our tv shows usually come on!)

10 - 12:00 pm ~ Chris likes to be asleep before now, but he usually isn't. I stay up til midnight or so. Once everyone is asleep is when I have a couple hours uninterupted peace to get crocheting and such done. Then I go to sleep.

3:00 am ~ I'll wake up and feed maddie. After nursing for a few minutes, she's right back to sleep.

6:00 am ~ Maddie will wake up again sometimes. After a few minutes eating, she's back to sleep... and so am I.

And then it all starts over. In the past 5 months I haven't slept for more than 3 or 4 hours except just a handful of times. but I'm cool with that. Eventually, Maddie will sleep through the night. And I tend to be a bit of a night owl anyways. :) I do my best thinking at Midnight :)

I'm so greatful that life has slowed down a bit, calmed down. Maddie isn't a newborn. She has a schedule and it fits well with Taylor's. And I just follow their cues. There are something I want to work on (TV Time, Activities.) But I'll get there. I think I'm doing good at the moment. Not great... but good. And that's fine with me for now!

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  1. Predictablilty can be so relaxing! :) Yaye for you! :)


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