Friday, March 13, 2009

I love you, too.

Taylor told me "I love you" tonight.
It's the first time she's said it without being prompted first, and it made me SO happy.
My little baby is growing up.
And I adore her!
Taylor and mommy, July 07!

Taylor has already learned how to manipulate the "I Love You" to get what she wants.
Today (Saturday), I had to re-lay her down for her nap like 10 times! I even ended up spanking her once! After I laid her down for the last time, I had to use the bathroom, which is right beside her room. While I was doing my business, I could hear Taylor in her room screaming, "I love you mommy! I love you!"
I felt HORRIBLE for being frustrated and being mad, and the spanking. So I went in her room, laid down with her, rubbed her back, and refilled her sippy cup.
Taylor knows how to work her mom!

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  1. That is so cute and yet so dangerous! Can you see her as a teenager? I wish they would just stay young forever


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