Sunday, March 8, 2009

A day at the Zoo

Saturday, we spent the day at the zoo with John, Krystin, and Isaac.
We bought memberships, which I reccommend to anyone with small kids, so me and Krystin will definately be back with the kids this summer! I can't wait to take the kids again, and have picnics and all sorts of fun!
Anyways... here's pics from our day! There are alot, as there always are when I do pictures!
Taylor loves the swing!
And so does maddie!
I love doing this with them! I think it's too cute and funny
Isaac could swing all day too!

I didn't touch the colors on this picture at all... these are the birds actual colors. Isn't it beautiful?
This is john's hand feeding the little birdie

Then chris tried!

We only had two strollers at first... so taylor rode on top of Isaac's.
Elephants! One of Taylor's favorites!

Monkey's... my favorite
Meerkats... another one of my favorites
We finally went and rented another stroller... $7. we almost could buy another cheap umbrella stroller for that much. But oh well. The kids were getting tired... and we really needed it. Only, when we got it, Isaac decided he didn't want to ride in his stroller anymore, so Taylor could have ridden in it. They had fun both riding in the rented stroller though. Til Taylor started kicking and got Isaac in the head. It was fun for a few minutes though.
Taylor liked the zebra's alot too.
She stood at the fence for a long time looking at them.
She also loved the Tigers! I did too.
I'm not totally sure, But I think Isaac like the alligators the most. He was either calling them snakes or asking to go see the snakes. Either way... they were pretty cool.
We decided to try and get some cute pictures of the kids... yeah right! If one was looking and smiling, the other one wasn't. If they were both looking, neither one would smile. Here's the best of what I got though.

I LOVE this picture. Isaac can totally work a camera!
Next was family pics...
Isaac would not smile or look. Til John put him in a headlock! And can I just say that Krystin is the absolute cutest pregnant lady in the world. :)
And here's our little family. The girls were both worn out... and so were the adults.
Then it was back to the gators. And this is the only picture of taylor AND isaac facing the camera at the same time. Thank you Chris for getting it!
After that (3 hours) we decided to head home. The kids were cranky, and us adults were getting there. We did stop by the gift shop and get taylor an elephant and maddie a tiger. I had to get them something for their first trip to the zoo.
Isaac was out before we even got to the cars!
Taylor was out after only 30 seconds in her seat.

All in all, it was a great day. So much fun. I can't wait for more zoo trips this year! Hopefully they'll be just as fun as this one was.

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