Monday, March 9, 2009

Goals for My Etsy Store

I haven't been doing alot of time online time promoting my etsy shop, but sales have been pretty steady (3 this past week.)

I'm still wrapping up a HUGE wholesale order, so I'm going to try to finish those up... but I decided it wouldn't hurt to put a little more effort into my etsy store.

I've decided my next major item to buy is a WAGON! I'm so excited. I can't wait to take the girls to the zoo in our new wagon!

So here are my goals to reach my ultimate goal of purchasing a wagon by the end of the month!

*300 hearts! (people heart your store when they like it. At the moment I have 220 something! only 80 to go.)

*atleast 30 views a day to my shop. (I'm averaging about 15 new views a day right now. I'm just going to start with doubling that.)

*I would love to have about 50 followers on my other blog by the end of the month also. (by the way... I'm offering a free giveaway on there at the moment. You could win a free sock monkey beanie. Check it out and tell your friends. It's at

*Create 10 new hats! I'm also asking for suggestions on my other blog for hat ideas. So i'm going to make some new hats. That way, the people who have seen my shop before can come back and order something new! I'm so excited.

Okay, well those are my goals for now. As I go along, I may edit and change them, even add to them. We'll see. And be sure to check back for an update on my goals. Who knows... hopefully I'll be so busy the rest of the month with sales, i won't be able to blog one bit! I'll keep dreamin.


  1. Here is some HAT ideas you might already do them I dont know...

    Lady Bug

  2. Has it helped your site out at all having your link on our scrappin blogs site? i have noticed some people go view it but I didnt know if more went that i didnt notice?


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