Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maddie's 6 Months Appt, and then some

Madison Had her 6 month dr appt this morning. Everything went very well...

She's 14 lbs 13.1 oz (27%) and 24 inches long (5%). She's an itty bitty one!

The Dr and me talked for a while! (I love this office. They'll sit and chat with you! So nice.) She actually PRESCRIBED me to hire a baby-sitter. She told me that even putting the girls in a Mother's Day out a couple days a week would be great. I think that would be a bit much for me (and we couldn't afford that...) but I do know I need more time... She could definately sense that I need a break... (the past week has been a bit rough with chris being sick and all.) She also prescribed a date night, atleast once a month. We talked about how Disconnected you can get from your husband when you're up all night and such. She talked about the resentment that can build from thinking you're doing it all on your own (and no chris, I don't resent you... I know how much you help me.) It was a good visit... for both me and Maddie!

Getting there was a different story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I speed... alot. It's hereditary. My mom and dad both do it. I like going fast. I really can't help it. This morning, it wasn't just because... I was late. I had to drop off Taylor at my mom's so I could go to the dr with maddie, and my mom could go run her errands with Pumpkin Doodle (her nickname for taylor) So there was an actual reason for my speeding.

On Long Hollow (the other side of Nashville) there's this one spot where everyone and their mother (including mine :P ) has been pulled over! My dad was even pulled over twice in this spot in the same day. Cops love to sit there cause you're coming over a hill, and people tend to let their cars go a bit faster down the hill. Then they catch you and pull you over. So I came over that hill... saw this weird thing down the road a bit, thought for a second it was a motorcycle cop, then figured it was probably just a part of the driveway he was sitting in (like a column or mailbox or something.) By the time I realized it really was a cop... it was too late. I KNEW he had clocked me and I was speeding.

This has been my first speeding ticket since fall of 02! For someone who thinks 10 over can be a bit too slow at times... this is... well... I deserved it much sooner. And the sad thing is I know I should be thinking, Man.. I shouldn't have been speeding. But I keep thinking... Man, I shouldn't have gotten caught. :P

And you remember how you felt in high school or college when you got in trouble with your parents and you had that awful uneasy feeling... had your stomach in knots... I've felt like that all day!!! It's awful. I feel like everytime I get in my car I'm going to get yelled at or something!

Chris was fine with it... well, not mad atleast. He did his "told you so" "Hope you learned your lesson" thing... I told him I already had a father! He said he had a right to say these things... cause he's the one paying the insurance. :P All this was in fun! We actually laughed about it. Til we looked at the costs...

But since it's been so long since I had a ticket, I can go to driver school and have it taken off my record. WooHoo!

Okay, so now I'm rambling. I'll be done now. And (knock on wood) no more tickets... or dr appts for that matter.

**Note** Okay carrie... I specifically didn't put in how much OVER the speed limit I was going. But it was more than 15... less than 20 though! I'm awful. I know.


  1. You know what's weird. Andy is 9 months and he weights 15 pounds and 7 oz. He's itty bitty too!

    Sorry bout the ticket. That stinks.

  2. So, Keaven...how fast were you going? :) Curious minds wanna know!

  3. My two month old is the same size as Maddie. I guess he is a pound less. That's crazy!

  4. What a bummer. I want to live in a place without speed limits where all the signs just say "Drive Safely" :)


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