Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Food

Thanks to the wonderful peer pressure of my great friends, Whitney and Devrie, and special thanks to the economy for being so rotten, I decided to make my own baby food. Yes, it's more work, but it's saving $$$ and better for the baby right? Chris is all for it, as long as it really is saving money. Here's what we paid for the few fruits we bought to get started...
3 Apples - $1.51 (on sale for 1.00 a lb.)
3 Pears - $1.52 (also on sale for 1.00 a lb.)
a bunch of Bananas (7 to be exact.) - $1.17 (but I didn't use 4 of the bananas so I'm dividing this one up... I only used $.52 worth of bananas.
1 Mango - $.88 (on sale too... the sign said 1.44 each, guess we got lucky on that one.)
Total Cost - $4.43

The regular price for Gerber 1st foods is 1.19 for two cups (not actual CUPS as in the measurement, but their little plastic things.) This is equal to 4 ice cubes of baby food (2 ice cubes is one jar of baby food!)
The apples steaming!

I made the baby food this morning (didn't use 4 of the bananas, remember?) and in all I got 4 1/4 ice cube trays of baby food. With 16 Ice cubes per tray... That's 68 Ice cubes of baby food or 34 Jars of baby food or 17 of those gerber 1st food packs. It would have cost me $20.23 for that many jars of baby food. But instead I spent only $4.43, saving $15.80.

My supplies

I'm so excited. We are also adding cereal to the baby food to make it go a bit farther and thicken it up some. So far Maddie is LOVING this. She's a flavor girl and that plain cereal wasn't cutting it. I'm excited to see how long all this fruit I made will last. I think maybe later today or tomorrow I"m going to do the veggies I bought. I did buy those frozen instead of fresh, cause I don't know what to do with fresh peas and green beans. Oh, I did make a fresh butternut squash the other day though. I got a TON of baby food out of that, but didn't have the camera handy...

Homemade Apple Baby Food
Anyways. I'm so excited to finally have started this. And Madison is loving it also. She's finally sleeping through the night. she went to bed at 8 last night and woke up at 7 this morning! I'm so happy! and well rested.

All the baby food I made!

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  1. ROCK ON!!!!! Its awesome huh. Way to go sistah!!!!


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