Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's crazy

... how fast your kids grow up. I love that Maddie can now play Peek a boo. This next video is something Maddie learned to do tonight. Taylor also is feeding Maddie in the video. For some reason she's taken over a more motherly role the past few days. After Maddie was done eating, taylor went and got out the wipes to clean Maddie off. It's cute seeing her be the big sis!

Taylor also came out with some new stuff today... She walked up to me this afternoon and said " Mommy, watch this, I'm a dinosaur!" First off, she's never said "watch this"... she's always said "look" and secondly, she's never told me that she was a dinosaur straight out like that. She'll roar, and when I ask if she's a dinosaur, she'll nod. It's neat that she's learning so much. She also learned to say "Holla at ya boys" thanks to an old McDonald's toy from Madagascar!

And another thing I think is kinda funny, Taylor is terrified of Isaac naked, which is weird cause she ALWAYS follows him to the bathroom when he needs to go. But when we got to John and Krystin's yesterday, Isaac was naked and Taylor would not go anywhere near him, until he had underwear on. The only thing I can think is that I hope she's always so terrified of Naked boys!!!

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