Saturday, April 4, 2009

My top 5

A couple days ago chris asked me to list my top 5 favorite/hottest celebrity men!

Of course, my list started off with Johnny Depp...
So much intensity in those eyes... And can I just say, I love facial hair! And his is almost perfect. If there was such a thing as the perfect looking man, I think he'd be close to this... oh wait. :) There is such a thing! I married him :) (love you handsome!) And he is about one of the only guys who I think looks good with make up on. I like Pirates thanks to him.

Next on my list is Nicholas Cage!

There is just something about his eyes! (I guess I like eyes.) I know he's old (for me anyways) and balding. But I think he's so cute. I dreamed about him when I was preggers! LOL. He'd come pick me up on a motorcycle (guess I had watched ghost rider) and then we'd make out. It was awesome! :)

Next comes another oldie but goodie... John Cusack

Again, here is some facial hair. This is my favorite... the 5 o'clock shadow. Don't know what it is. I just like it. I love the messy hair... the bored look... kinda like a bad boy, but not hard core... a mischevious thing I guess. I don't know. Just like it.

After that, I couldn't think... Who else do I like? It seriously took me like 3 days to think of some other people, and then I couldn't stop.

So here are my others, in no particular order...

James McAvoy - absolutely GORGEOUS. Those eyes, that facial hair. Loved him in becoming Jane, penelope, and others. Just all around super cute man.

Ryan Reynolds - super funny, and I'd have to say, best smile out of my top 5+!

Christopher Gorham - Not as popular as some other guys, but uber cute. I've got a soft spot for nerds too, and he was perfect playing Henry on Ugly Betty. I love him in glasses.

Ryan Gosling - I guess it's another messy hair, facial hair, rough look thing. I love him. I loved him way back when, Pre-Notebook, even Pre-Murder by Numbers. I'm a fan all the way back to the Mickey Mouse Club. Super hottie.

McSteamy - I don't know his real name, but boy is he steamy :) He reminds me of chris... it's the face shape, the eyes, the facial hair (once I find something I like... I stick with it!) He's one of my favorites!

Brandon Flowers- He's hot... and he sings! There's not much better than that (except you babe! Love you!) Oh... and this one is LDS... maybe not practicing, but still! it's got to be in there somewhere right :) He named his son Ammon... gotta mean something. Can you guess why I like him? Hair, eyes, facial hair, voice.

And Last but sure as heck not least!!!!
The Hottest Man on this planet is.... (drum roll please!)
Chris Neely!!!!!!!! - gorgeous eyes that make your heart melt, perfect teeth (thanks chris's mom and dad), the BEST SMILE OF ALL TIME, great eyebrows (very rare in most guys. they're perfect babe!), an amazing 5 o'clock shadow that is absolutely dreamy, the absolutely cutest curly hair I think I've ever seen(when he fixes it), plays the guitar, the funniest person I know!, the best daddy, a wonderful husband and lastly - He loves me! How crazy is that? He's perfect in everyway
So my top 5 got a bit longer, but I couldn't eliminate any of those guys. They're all cutie's to me. Oh, and don't worry. Chris has a favorite/hottest celebrity women list too. Some of his favs? Jessica Alba, Scarlet Johansson, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Love Hewitt
****Side Note**** After talking to Jamie about my list, I remembered another "favorite" of mine. This is a biggie dating all the way back to Newsies! Christian Bale... sorry no eye candy for this one. I'll let you borrow Batman if you want some.

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  1. You have to wonder what instigated the question from Chris... hmmm... Great list! I lean more toward the british and less obvious, but your list is definitely hot. :) Thanks for sharing.


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