Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maddie Update Updated!

Her fever was rough yesterday, but she got a blessing and it seemed like she was doing better. Today, she only needed motrin for her fever once, but about an hour ago she started throwing up. She's thrown up 6 times so far. How in the world she had that much in her stomach, I have no idea. She threw up all over Chris, poor guy. Now I guess she's cleared out her stomach, she's just dry heaving (which is awful to watch... what am i supposed to do to make it better?) I'm afraid of her getting dehydrated cause she won't eat or drink. She won't even take her paci. I think we're in for a rough night ahead.

Any suggestions? Her fever feels like it's creeping back up. We've given her a bath and are trying to keep giving pedialite, but she won't drink it. i hope this justs works it's way out tonight, but if not we may be going to the doc tomorrow!

It's wednesday now... we all slept downstairs in the living room because of we were worried about maddie throwing up in the middle of the night and it either choking her or her laying in it. Yuck. she continued to throw up all night long and this morning too. She got me good this morning, soaking my shirt and pants. I finally called the doc and asked what to do. They said it's a bug that's going around, just keep her hydrated. So we're counting diapers, I'm not nursing her, she's only drinking pedialyte that's spiked with sugar or fruit juice to make it taste better. At the moment she's sleeping peacefully in her own bed upstairs. I keep checking on her every 15 or 20 minutes to make sure she's not throwing up.

I apologize if I seem super paranoid, but Maddie's never been this sick. I know every kid goes through these things. It's just her first. Taylor got sick at this age and lost alot of weight, and it took a while to get her back on track. That was actually when I decided to quit nursing her because she threw up every time I did. Since maddie isn't suppose to be nursing right now, I'm worried about milk drying up and all that jazz. It's a little stressful for me.

Hopefully, she'll do good for the rest of the day. And not get dehydrated. :) Well, time to go check on her again!


  1. I'd say pump to keep the milk flow going just so it doesn't dry up that way you can start nursing again once she's better.

  2. If you need help with the whole making milk thing, look at the blog on my list called A Marianna Moment. It's my sister and her stuff actually WORKS.


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