Thursday, April 2, 2009

love it or hate it!

I got my hair cut today! Check out my new bangs!
I keep going back and forth between love and hate.
It reminds me of high school (I had bangs from the time I was 2 til almost 20!)
I think I need a week or two for it to grow on me (lol... i mean, my bangs need to grow just a bit longer!)

Oh, and it's NOT red. I keep dying it dark brown, and it keeps lightening up to this color!!!!
I will be dying it again this weekend. I'll post the pic soon


  1. I like it. I know I have thought about bangs that im like umm not to sure. Its cute on you I like it

  2. I think it's cute and for the first time ever my hair is longer than yours (didn't see that coming). lol

  3. Keaven it looks so cute! I love it. Very cute pic.

  4. Cute cut! And I love the color! I wouldn't touch it. Looks great! :)


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