Monday, April 6, 2009

Potty Training

I think Taylor is so cute sitting on her potty. She's been on there for over 30 minutes with no results so far. But she loves "Annie" so she'll probably stay there for another hour if I let her. And when she does finally go (poop or pee) we'll celebrate by telling/calling the grandparents, and by doing the pee pee dance.

I'm not sure if I'm totally ready for this. All the dedication it takes to remember to take a kid to the bathroom every 30 min/hour/2 hours/whatever. And taylor drinks juice/milk/water like no other. It seems like she's always got to have juice. Ands she's still taking a cup at nap/bedtime, so she's not able to really stay dry when she sleeps. She can sometimes even with the cup, but not always. I'm sure if she didn't have that cup, she would stay dry. But i don't KNOW. So there. I"m being lazy. Oh well. She asks for the Potty enough. She's ready. I'm not. So I'm getting over my junk, and just doing it. Maybe by 2 she'll be potty trained... and then we can save $$$. Maybe.

***Note*** Immediately after posting this I went to check the pot and sure enough Taylor had just peed! WOOHOO. We told grandma, tried to call my mom and dad, and did a little dance. Taylor also got to pick out a pair of panties (with elmo on them of course) to wear. Sadly, taylor tinkled just a little bit in them about 15 minutes after we put them on (just enough to wet the panties.) So I put a diaper back on. I don't even think she realized she did it. Guess she might not be ready for training then. I don't know. Any advice?


  1. Potty training Kevin was the single most frustrating event of my life. I wish you nothing but love and patience. The good news is I've heard training girls is easier than boys. Good Luck! (p.s. Kevin is totally trained, day and night! yeah!)

  2. Good luck! All I can say is it is hard as heck. Very frustrating and takes a lot longer then I ever expected.


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