Monday, May 4, 2009

yay for chris!

Sometimes in your life, it seems like you just struggle. I have been struggling for a few months now. It's not that there's really alot for me to juggle, but for some reason, I'm just having a real hard time lately. Me and Chris have talked about it a few times, but never like we did night before last. He is an incredible man and I'm very lucky he's mine. We've figured out ways for us to work together to fix it, and ways I can work on my own to get to where I need to be. Tonight, we're going to sit down and write out our goals for our family, us as a couple, and me and Chris as individuals. I'm so excited. That may seem silly, but even just from us talking about it, I'm feeling and doing better.

Another reason for me doing better is that me and Chris have decided to go to Florida!!! We were really wanting to go to Cocoa Beach for our anniversary (5 years this month) because that's where we went on our honeymoon. But it's a long drive, and alot of gas. So, we searched online and we found Fort Walton Beach. It's not quite 8 hours away(about 4 hours closer than cocoa beach!). That's a very doable amount. Plus, it's in the gulf, so the water is warmer (around 80 degrees all year) and the beaches are gorgeous white sand! We getting really excited. We even found a hotel right across the street from the beach that's pretty reasonably priced. I'm excited to go and just relax. No sight seeing. No agenda. No schedule. Just me and Chris, the girls, and the beach! Yes, we're taking the girls. I think Taylor will LOVE it. I think maddie will sleep! We're just loading up on swimmy diapers and baby sunscreen. Maybe we'll rent an umbrella for Maddie. Who knows what will happen, but I'm so excited for the change of pace and the relaxing.

Taylor will be turning 2 that weekend also... and maddie will be 8 months old. So we won't be celebrating with a big party then (obviously) But be on the look out, because we will be doing her birthday sometime before the end of the month. We just need to figure out when.

Hmmm... I don't think I got the point of my blogging today across. I'm so very grateful for Chris. For his sense of humor. For his knowledge of the Gospel. For his priesthood. For his great anniversary ideas. For being such a great dad. He can always make me smile when I'm not in the mood. And i can be pretty stubborn. I love him with all my heart and I'm grateful for him everyday of my life. He's the best!


  1. We go to Ft. Walton EVERY 6 months... when are you guys going? we are going to be there June 7-14!!! We camp though, you guys should come with us!!!

  2. Way to go!! Communication is so important in any relationship. Great decision- we spent our honeymoon in Florida, too. And I agree with you, you've got a wonderful husband, and he has a wonderful wife!

  3. That sounds so fun. I am jealous. I hope you have a great time. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Have fun! I saw some pics that a friend posted online of Ft. Walton....they were so beautiful! They did their family pics on the beach...beautiful! Hey, speaking of family pics on the beach, can I get ours?


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