Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Lucky Guy

When I was little, Me, Cayce, and our neighborhood friend, Jill would all lay face down on our trampoline, studying the clover on the ground below. We would spend literally HOURS searching for four leaf clovers. I never found one... NOT ONE. But I always liked clovers (St. Patrick's Day, and pretty much anything green!)
Yesterday evening was actually pretty decent outside, and so after we finished dinner, Chris and I decided to take the girls out for a little walk around the back yard. While we were out walking chris found these.

HE WASN"T EVEN LOOKING! He just glanced down and POOF, there they were, so he picked them up. I'm SO jealous. I could kick him I'm so jealous. Of course, he let me have them... But still... I want to find my own. I looked for a bit outside before we came in finally, but no luck. That's me... NO LUCK. But Chris, that's another story! It must be because he's got more Irish blood than me. That's gotta be it.

I pressed the clovers in my scriptures. Did you know scriptures are great for pressing leaves and flowers? Here's the rose petals from Maddie's first valentines!

And I've kinda forgotten what these others are from, but it's something like mine and chris's first valentine's day married, or our anniversary or something. Whenever they're from, they're from chris and I like them.Though it is a great use for scriptures, it's not the only thing i use them for. One of mine and Chris's goals as a couple is to read the New Testament. I know this is a great way to come to know Christ better, and I'm so excited we're doing this. It's kind of been unofficially agreed that we'll read 5 chapters a night. When i make the bed every morning, I'm putting our scriptures on our pillows so that we have to touch them before we get into bed. That way, hopefully we'll remember.

The night before we last, we skipped reading! I know... after only 2 nights reading, we missed one. But we made up for it last night, reading 10 chapters. And it's not just reading. We discuss them too. I ask stupid questions and chris explains them to me. Some scriptures we've interpreted differently and it's nice to have his opinion to counter balance my own. It's been very interesting. Chris keeps telling me that Christ was the king of tough love. There are a few parts where the disciples just weren't getting it, and Jesus had to say "Come on guys! Seriously!" Well, maybe he didn't say it quite like that, but that's what makes it fun to discuss what we read. We stayed up til 12:30 last night reading. We almost stopped a few times cause it was so late, but we were having fun and spending time together so we just kept going.

We'll have finished Matthew tomorrow night and started on Mark! That's one book in only 6 days! I really hope we're able to keep this up. We may end up missing a few nights here and there, but hopefully we'll be able to make them up like we did the night before last. I'm so glad Chris came up with this idea... It was inspired. Sooooooo, Maybe I am a little Lucky. I've got one great Husband! Now if only I could find a four leaf clover, I'd be set!

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  1. I love 4 leave clovers too... I have found them as a kid before but now as an adult thats another story! I have no luck finding them now! lol
    You are Chris are just perfect together... What great examples you are to Mike and I!


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