Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If you're happy and you know it!!!

I was talking to my mom earlier today and I just have to say that it hit the spot:) She's one crazy lady and I love her dearly.

My mom has a facebook page. It helps her talk to her seminary students and family. I think it's funny, but great too, that she has one. It's fun to tease her about it. The funniest part is when she first got her facebook account, she kept calling it "myface" and not on purpose either. She'd talk about getting on "myface." I crack up laughing just thinking about it.

Here's another little joke I heard from her... Ya know all those people who said we'd have a black president "When pigs fly!" Well, Swine flu! LOL... I love that one!

While I was on the phone with my mom, I was trying to lay Taylor down for her nap. Of course, Taylor's crying woke Maddie up, who'd already been asleep for about an hour and a half. Taylor was exhausted, but kept fighting nap time. She was kicking, screaming, pitching a HUGE fit. I finally had to put the baby gate up in her doorway and just walk away, letting her scream. My mom told it was about who could hold out the longest, me or Taylor. It was about enduring to the end!!! I told her I didn't know that was what Jesus had meant all those times!!! It's all about parenting. It took taylor 2 hours before she finally caved and fell asleep... but that 2 hour fit she threw will only result in a longer than usual nap time! I endured, and this is my reward! :)

My mom cracks me up. She's a nut "bless her heart," but I love her so much and love our crazy phone conversations.

Maddie is at that stage now where she's learning new things daily. Here's one of my favorite new things...

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