Sunday, July 19, 2009


I ordered this little book online to learn more about using coupons, and I've actually learned a ton, and found some great new websites to share. So here ya go, what I've learned about couponing...

  • Create a Price book of items you regularly buy and the price of that item at the stores you usually shop at (the regular price, and the lowest you've seen it for there). You may be suprised at who has the best price. (For me, Target is usually more expensive on stuff, but diapers there are cheaper than kroger or publix, and just a few cents more than walmart.) This doesn't have to be hard. Just do it as you shop at your regular stores. It will only take a few extra minutes of your shopping trip, but it will help you save tons of money.
  • Loss Leader - it's an item the store will take a loss on. They are usually on the first or last page of the circulars. They are the too good to be true item. If you can, stock up on this item.
  • Store tricks - false sales (advertise price higher than usual - a price book keeps you from being tricked by this) Walmart does this alot. -Everyday low price not the best price (another walmart trick and again your price book will keep you from being tricked) - large pretty signs or "sale" items at the end of the isles. These are tricks... ignore them.
  • Once every 12 weeks, you will find the lowest price on an item (there are around 10,000 items in a grocery store or something like that... every week, 500 of them change prices.)
  • don't throw coupons away, whether you think you'll use it or not, you may be able to use it for a free item later by combining it with a sale
  • Grocery stores know what coupons are coming out when. Most people use the coupon within the first two weeks after it comes out. Then the stores put the item on sale after that because then the people who used the coupon the first time will buy the item again. So, If you hold the coupon for a little while, you'll more than likely be able to use the coupon on a sale item, and possibly get the items for free or very cheap.
  • Get on the mailing list for ALL the stores in your area - even the ones you don't shop at. When you get the flyers, look for the best price on items you use regularly. Take the flyers with you to a store that will price match, and get your item for the best price.
  • Find out what stores double coupons, and which ones use competitors coupons (publix will double coupons up to .50 and also use competitor coupons. I used a target coupon there the other day, plus a publix coupon, and a manufactorer coupon on diapers! I saved something like $13.00!!!)
  • Ask about ways to save more (like a kroger plus card, or recieving store coupons in the mail. Publix has a baby club that is AMAZING!)
  • Another wonderful thing about publix BOGO!!! That means buy one get one free. But what they actually do is mark the item down 50%. So you are paying only 1/2 price for the two items. Because you're purchasing two items, you can use two coupons! Plus... If the coupon is for .50 or under, it's doubled. This is a GREAT way to get free items. Here's an example (it's not real, just a senario) Cereal is BOGO. Regular price is $2.00. So then the sale price is $1.00 a box. You buy two boxes at $2 and take two coupons for $.50 a piece. Your two coupons are doubled (.50 + .50 and .50+.50) Thus saving you 2.00. So you get two boxes of cereal for free! Make sense?

Well, there you go. I hope that's not too confusing for you. If you have a question, let me know. Just thought I'd share my new info!

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  1. Drugstores are also the hidden gem when couponing. Especially Walgreens! They have register rewards (an in-store program) and it works like a charm when combined with their in store coupons and manufacturer coupons. Check it out! I've stocked up on snacks, shampoos/soaps, detergent, chips SUPER cheap there!


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