Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter

Pre-movie included
A nap for chris
Dropping off the girls at Michael's and Leeann's to spend the night!
Making a Harry Potter shirt for me!
Debating over an eyeliner lightning bolt over my eye
Decided to go with no bolt
(Yes I'm a nerd. I don't care!)
Hitting up K-rog for drinks and Candy
(2 Mountain Dew voltage and junior mints for me; a mountain dew, red bull, code red and milk duds for chris; a coke and mountain dew and dots for Katie)
Malco Drafoy (the theater was a Malco theater... Chris was confused all night.)
Chris deciding he's a Hufflepuffer.
Chris deciding Draco and Malfoy sound like diaper brands... He wears Malfoys!
Chris downed the red bull before we got to the theater
I drank one of my voltages in like 30 seconds in the car (CHUG!)
Line wrapped almost COMPLETELY around the theater
Stupid teenaged boys dressed up like a monkey?, one in a bath robe?, and one like a deatheater.
Figuring that if the theater sold every seat for the movie they had available(they came pretty freakin close, using all 14 theaters!), they'd earn 18,000 in 3 hours... not counting over priced concessions.
Finally the movie - good... not great... funny though... slug club... love potions... Horcruxes... What happened to the major fight at the end?
A horrid time trying to get out of the parking lot
We got home
went to bed
and slept!
It was definately a fun night to remember.
And I'm getting a bit old for this.


  1. Yay for y'all! I'm glad you went. Although for the crowd...I gotta give UT props, we boasted the best sales in the Nation for Harry Potter the first showing! Too crazy this movie...and some said the novelty of making all of the books into movies wouldn't last. Ha!

  2. I'm glad yall enjoyed the movie. Taylor and Maddie were well behaved by the way while yall were gone and Taylor went right to sleep.


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