Sunday, July 12, 2009

Save Save Save

I'm on a HUGE $$ kick right now. I'm all about budgeting and saving. Who knows how long it will really last, but I've found some awesome websites and blogs in the process. I thought I might pass along all my great knowledge. - This is so cool. Here's what it is... You have dvds you don't watch anymore. You post these dvds on this website to offer to other members (there is no fee to join!) When you post 10 dvd's, you get 1 credit from the website. This is used to "buy" your DVDs (most dvds are 1 credit, but some are more.) You earn more credits by sending out your unwanted DVDs. If you want a DVD that isn't available, you put it on your wish list and you get an email when it's available. When a DVD is requested from you, you get an email with the address to ship to. Yes, you pay for the shipping, BUT, when a DVD is mailed to you, you don't. So you're not spending any more than you would otherwise. These dvds are yours to keep! When/If you don't want them anymore, put them back on your "dvd tower" and make them available for someone else.
I personally haven't used this yet, but I can promise you that this week, I'll be going through my dvds and getting them ready to put on there. There's so many I want to see! I'm excited. - This is a sister website of SwapADVD. It works the exact same way, but with BOOKS. :) You post your books, get a credit, you want a book, use your credit. You send a book, get more credits. It's a great way to live "green" and also a great way to save $$ on purchasing new books. Again the membership is free, and yes you pay to ship your books out, but, you don't to have them shipped to you! I love this idea. I can't wait to go through my books too.

Because these two sites are sister sites - you can transfer credits from one to the other to use. So if you have TONS of dvd's and not so many books (like me) you can use your dvd credits to get more books! Way cool. No more renting movies for me... No more buying books. And they have all sorts of movies and books - kids, drama, sci-fi, romantic, comedy... any and all things you could want.

MUSEUMS ON US - by Bank of America ( This is a great thing Bank of America is doing. Here in Nashville, Bank of America cardholders recieve free admission to cheekwood and the frist the first full weekend of every month until DEC 2010. I love the frist, but we've never taken the girls. And cheekwood is an amazing place to walk and take some awesome pictures, so I'm very excited about this. There is a place on the website to find museums near you. I can't wait til the next free weekend. I have this great blog emailed to me everyday. And it is very informative. I don't quite know who writes it and such, but it's got great advice, great deals, and just all around good info for living within your means, and spending wisely. The first two websites I listed I found on this one. It's great. This website has an email they send out every day or so with great online deals. Especially for the photo prints websites. But it's not limited to that. You should check it out.

Well, That's all I've got for now. There's more, but I need to organize my info first. :) Hopefully this helps someone else out there too. Anyone else have great websites or deals they know of? Please share them!


  1. I love also and (i think it's dot com) Thanks for the sites!

  2. I use and it's super. I haven't been buying Sunday papers lately as I'm overstocked on many of the items I use coupons for but it's a great resource for organizing and planning. Too much to tell, just check it out. Read her pdf's.


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