Saturday, July 18, 2009

Everything Changes

Ya know when you think you have your life figured out and planned? And then something happens to completely change it all? I'm there. Without giving away too many details yet (me and chris are figuring some things out) Chris has decided what he wants to be. I have decided to go back to work atleast part time, maybe full. We're reevaluating everything about our income and budget, changing the way we earn and spend money. We have decided to put off buying a house (there's a good reason... I swear... I wouldn't be willing to do it if there wasn't.) We may be moving away from Nashville, and I'm not talking about just to H'ville or Murfreesboro. We may really be done having kids. If we aren't, it will be ATLEAST another 5 years before we have another one (if all goes according to plan, which it never does, but still.) Everything is changing.

There's lots of changes outside, but there are some more personal ones too. I'm working on myself... trying to be a better mom and wife. It's VERY hard to try and be "self -aware" or whatever and really look at who you are, what you do, what you think, and what you say. I'm trying to change it all for the better. I'm trying to make us a better family, stronger, closer, more active, more loving, more kind.

All of this should be overwhelming. But for the first time since we started having babies... I feel like we know what's coming next. I feel like we have a little map. We know where we want to go, and how to get there. It feels right. We're praying about it all, to make sure we're doing what we should, but I'm positive the answer will be yes. It feels good. Even though with all these changes comes lots of stress and hard work, I feel like a load has been lifted off both me and Chris. The next 5 years will be tough, but they will make the rest of our lives much easier. And we'll get through it just fine together. :) Phew... I feel much better.


  1. Ok...I'm SO curious! Let us know what you're doing when you feel comfortable! :) It does feel good to have a plan. Of course, our plan is constantly being tweaked. I've been working on our budget this month (a ton) and STILL have been a little discouraged. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. I'm curious too! It is hard moving away from family, but we found that our family became stronger when we were away from family because we had really depend on each other. It also made us appreciate family more when we were able to see them. Good luck on your planning. Plans and direction are good. Going forward is better than backwards.


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