Monday, July 20, 2009

Madison is 10 months old

Atleast, she turned 10 months last week on the 16th. I'm a bit behind in posting about this 10 month old little angel. And it's partially her fault, she's been sick. She has an upper respitory infection, and two ear infections. She's on an antibiotic and steroids so she should be back to her cheerful self soon... Til then she's sleeping in my room in the swing so she can be propped upright.

So here's what's new with Madison Emmarie
  • She's talking... She can now say "mama", "dada", "nana"(no), "mo"(more), "hi" or "ha" or "hey", and she'll try to say "let's go isaac"
  • She's crawling everywhere and very fast
  • She's crawling up stairs (still working on coming down them)
  • She's slowly starting to stand by herself (usually pulling up and then letting go)
  • She'll walk if she can hold aleast one of your hands
  • She's just now fitting into 9 month clothes, and most of them are still big on her.
  • She weighs 16 lbs still... not growing real fast at all, but that's fine. She's little like me.
  • She LOVES her boy cousins! Isaac and Zachary are her favorites! Baby Coal is too, but she doesn't get too close to him, cause I"m afraid of her attacking him!
  • She's starting to get on Taylor's nerves. She can crawl now and play real well, so they play together in their room. But it bothers taylor sometimes when she wants to play with something and Maddie wants to also.
  • She usually gets her way - She doesn't fuss much, but when she does, I give in. I hold her, or feed her, or give her toys. She's definately the baby.
  • She's becoming a daddy's girl more and more. Now that she's getting over the nursing thing (I'm still doing it, but she gets juice and formula more and more.) she's enjoying playing with her daddy. And he's enjoying her more now too.

There is probably more, but I can't think right now. Only 2 months til she's 1! Time has flown by!

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  1. Breanna turned 4 in April. She went to the Dr. last week and is now 29 lbs. Small must run in the family.


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