Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Potty Train-ing (ed)

I have been selfishly putting off potty training Taylor. I honestly believe she was ready MONTHS ago, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to make the commitment I knew it would take. I mean, dragging a kid to the bathroom every 30 minutes, cleaning up accidents all the time, wondering what to do when we go out (panties or diapers?)... It just seemed like way too much to handle.

I have tried to let her wear her panties a few times. She would have accidents though. I think she thought if she had something on at all, it would catch whatever she did, so she'd just go. However, i found out that if she was "butt" naked, she'd go to the bathroom. She'd even go completely by herself (she wouldn't tell me she had to go, just would go in the bathroom, do her business, and then tell me afterwards.) She's been doing that for a few months. So yes, she's been ready to be potty trained for a while. But I've been lazy.

So I've decided to make the commitment. Taylor needs to be out of diapers. She's too old for them. She's too smart for them. I'm DONE with buying them for two kids! So we've been working on it this week. She did well all morning yesterday. She wore her panties and didn't have one accident. She will use a big toilet, or her little potty. She'll wipe herself, she'll flush, she'll wash her hands. She has it down. This huge daunting task I've been afraid of is turning out to be easy peasy! At naptime yesterday, we put a diaper on her. SHe wore a diaper for the rest of the day. Today, She'll be in a panties or naked all day, besides nap time. She's already gone pee 3 times and "made brown" twice (that's from her cousin Isaac!)

She's pretty much potty trained, as far as being home goes. I think we may wait it out here another day or two, then venture out into the real world to try the nasty public restrooms with a change of clothes just in case. This is exciting... So, any advice? I know most of y'all have done this before. How do I handle trips out of the house? And what about nap times? Thanks!


  1. She is so stinkin cute!!! I love her little swagger when she gets off the potty... I too am having a hard time committing to the potty training... She has gone in the toilet a couple of times but there are times that she will just sit on the potty for 15-20 mins and not go... then I put her diaper on her and she goes right away... I might have to try the whole butt naked thing... lol Let me know about any of the advice for "going out of the house" you get!!!

    Talk soon luv!

  2. She's so darling...loved talking to her the other day. Going out is always a challenge. I've got one (Raven) who simply refuses to go in public. She will hold it all day...seriously. So, maybe Taylor will be like that in never know! Tessa on the other hand, is so different. We like to call her the inspector. She has to go to every public potty at the most inconvenient time. Opry Mills, I remember has the most kid-friendly restrooms I've ever seen. The whole "kid size toilet" idea...genius! They also have sinks they can reach. Brilliant. My beef with most public bathrooms is that they are just NOT kid friendly. i.e.-loud flush is too scary. Take her off the toilet and far away from it first. I've learned the trick for the automatic flush ones, too...stand in the line of the sensor til she's off, cleaned up and away. Hard, next to impossible with Maddie...sorry! Good luck, hope that helps a little. I promise though, it will get easier in public.

  3. You'll find yourself getting more irritated than ever at people that use the handicap that don't need to. The whole family restroom idea is great, but usually not available. Boo! Or at least that's what I've found. Ok, officially done ranting :)

  4. The Blaisdell'sJuly 30, 2009 at 11:12 AM

    Gosh it's hard to believe she is so big. It just seems like yesterday she was a lil bundle.



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