Sunday, July 5, 2009

Workin at the car wash

We had a great weekend this 4th of July. We had tons of fun with family and friends, including a great party at John and Krystin's Friday night, my parents house, great food, and fireworks Saturday night, and then a great Sacrament meeting, some time with Michael for his b-day, and a superb dinner here at home today. All in all, it was just wonderful. Chris even had 1/2 of thursday off and all of friday... So here's what he did friday...(On a side note, yes it does suck that chris washed MY car on his day off... but, as thanks, I washed his Truck... so we're even!) This is his Sexy pose! Pretty Hot huh? And why he is wearing a HOODIE while he's washing a car in 90 degree weather is beyond me. I don't know. He's crazy.

We also set up two little pools in the backyard for the kids. Taylor and Isaac had a blast playing in them. And lastly, here's maddie in her patriotic bathing suit. Okay... so it's only red and white... but check out those BLUE BLUE BLUE eyes!!! I've never seen eyes so pretty on ANYONE in my life. I hope they stay that color.
So, it was a great weekend. Until now. I've got a HUGE headache and I'm super tired. So I'm off. I hope you all had great, safe, fireworks filled weekends. Happy (belated) Independence Day.
P.S. WE MISS YOU CAYCE! Can't wait til you're home and we can see all your awesome pics of Turkey!

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  1. Maddie does have the bluest eyes!! They are gorgeous. Looks like y'all had fun. Wished we could've been there, too!


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