Friday, September 12, 2008

2 out of 4

There are 4 rings I wear ALL THE TIME. The first one I got a LONG time ago! I was a sophomore in high school. It was kinda like a promise ring to myself (on my ring finger, right hand)... to always stay true to myself and my standards... Cheesy, I know. But that was me at 15/16. The 2nd ring I wear constantly is my mom's class ring (middle finger, left hand). The stone actually broke and fell out of it a few years ago and I need to get it fixed, I've tried a few times at different jewelers, but class rings are VERY hard to get repaired cause the stones they use are different.

The Last 2 rings I wear are of course, my engagement ring and wedding band. These are the most important rings to me, of course. When we bought them, we got them too big! I wear a 4 on that finger, and my engagement ring is a 4.5 and my wedding band is a 5. This was on purpose, because I'd heard horror stories about rings having to be cut off when fingers swelled up due to pregnancy and stuff.

Well... I don't really swell up when I'm pregnant. My ankles stay little. Granted, they ARE swollen, but I think I'm the only person in the world who notices. My hands don't really swell up to a noticeable point either. But I do have a way of knowing when I'm swelling.

The first ring to go was my mom's class ring. I had to take it off a couple weeks ago. I could just tell it was starting to get a bit too tight... so I took it off before it had a chance to get stuck. Well, yesterday ring number 2 had to come off - my promise ring. My finger was itching and hurting and I just knew it was time for that one to go too.

Now I'm down to 2 out of 4! My Engagement ring, and my wedding band. They are actually FITTING me now! It's kind of nice to not have them always falling off!!! I'll be sad on Tuesday when i have to take them off for surgery and my hospital stay, but I'd be even more sad if I lost them there at the hospital.

Here are my rings!!! I told you that you can't really "SEE" that my hands are swollen, but trust me, they are!

So, after looking at these pictures, I'm going to repaint my nails!!! If I had the money, an actual manicure would be in order! Maybe I can get one after the baby is born!

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  1. Ohhh girl my hands got so bad I was not able to wear my wedding rings for a good 4 months I was so sad and YES we almost had to get them cute off it was so bad Matt was freaking out.


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