Monday, September 8, 2008

Tag... Because I'm bored

Abbie put on her blog a tag, and said for anyone else who felt like it to do it. And I'm bored, So here goes.

These are the rules: list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts and then tag 5 other people. Leave a comment for the people you tag so they know they have been tagged.

1. Being at home with chris and taylor
2. Being a mom
3. Cleaning - when no one else is around! There is just something so relaxing about it... getting stuff done!

1. I'm terrified of spiders... I can handle snakes, most other bugs, lots of other gross or scary things... but spiders really scare me!
2. Losing chris, whether it's because he's cheated on me, something happened to him, stuff like that. I have some pretty crazy dreams about losing him. It would devastate me!
3. Something happening to Taylor or this new baby. That's something else I couldn't handle. I freak out worse than she does when she falls down.

1. Penguins... I love penguins. I think they're so cute and funny. And seeing them in real life for the first time in Chattanooga only made me more fascinated with them. They're wonderful.
2. Cards. I save birthday cards, christmas cards, just because cards... I save all the cards I get... and I've started saving the ones chris gets too. I don't know why. But I save them.
3. Solitaire... I play vegas style on my computer where you can win money (not really) and I save my game when I win and don't when I lose, so my money only keeps going up. I've got almost $20,000 on there... wish it was real.

Surprising facts.....
1. I've always talked about how I want a ton of kids, and I still do (as many as I can have) but sometimes I think it would be SO nice to be done with these two. And to never worry about having any more... Me and chris would never be out numbered. Yeah. That would be nice.
2. I thoroughly enjoyed my calling in the primary presidency. I loved it. It's been my favorite calling ever. But I'm very greatful to be done.
3. I'm a pack rat... Could my obsession with saving cards have given that away? I try to reign it in (cause I see my dad - who i get it from - and he's a mess) but I can't help it sometimes. Chris helps me though... and us all being in one room helps. There's no room for stuff, so I throw it away. But yeah. I'm definately a BIG pack rat!

So, Five people to pick on...
1. Candace
2. Krystin
3. Carrie
4. Jennifer
5. Lee Bay

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  1. Ok, so sorry K for not doing this yet...I've been organizing my house like a mad woman and have been a total recluse. Will post on my blog soon! It was fun to read what ya wrote! Next Tuesday, right? THE BIG DAY. Good luck, we'll be thinkin' of ya!


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