Monday, September 22, 2008

Same day, Different Post

I just got done doing a tag, so don't forget to scroll down and read it when you're done with this post.

Maddie had her first Doctor appointment today. It went so well. She weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz when she was born, but by the time she left the hospital on Friday, she was down to 6 lbs, 12 oz. That's not a big deal... most kids do it... they even say it's healthier in the long run for them to lose that weight in the beginning. Anyways... I have been a bit worried this past weekend about her nursing enough... it's just hard because you can't tell exactly how much they are getting, where as with formula, it's already measured. Anyways. the only way to make sure they get enough is to check their weight. And today maddie weighed... 7 LBS. 9 OZ!!!!!! She gained all she lost, and then some... 3 oz shy of a pound in only 3 days! She keeps this up, she'll be a little porker in no time! The doctor said she looked great. Amazing actually. Taylor behaved so well too. I was so proud. I can't believe what little angels I have. They couldn't be better girls.

I have been a wee bit hormonal today. I have really had a hard time with not being able to play and chase after taylor and such. It's hard. She even smells different to me now (my mom has been using different shampoo and conditioner on her) But today, I had my mom and chelsea bring her in here with me, and we laid down and watched the aristocats, we played this little piggy, we sang all her favorite songs. And when she got sick of being stuck in this room with me, we went out on the back porch for a little bit and looked at the flowers and ants. It freaked my mom out cause she was hollering for me, and I couldn't hear her, so I didn't answer. She was running around the house trying to find me and taylor. whoops. It was great to be "mom" again for a little bit. She also reached up to me a TON today, wanting me to pick her up. It broke my heart every single time, and I had to stop myself from just bending down and grabbing her a few times. I would sit down though, and have my mom put her up in my lap, or sit on the floor and let her crawl in my lap. only 5 more weeks to go til I can pick her up. This sucks.

I'm also stir crazy. I can't go up and down the stairs, I can't drive my car, I feel like I can't do anything. It kinda sucks. i should be enjoying it, but I'm the kind of person who when you tell me i can't do something... it's all i can think about doing! Silly and immature, I know. I can't help it. Anyways. I feel like I've got to get out of here, but we aren't going to be taking the baby out for a very long time. so i'm probably not going to be going out alot here in the near future. So, Anyone who would like to come over and visit, come on over, keep me company! I would love it.

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  1. I come over sometime soon and spend some time with you and the cute little girls you have. That way i won't keep buggin phillip to bring me over there.


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