Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Some of you know about the 3 little boys my parents fostered a few years back (Sidney (or Bryan), Charlie (or Alex), and Joseph.) These little boys are amazing and it's hard to believe they have such big wonderful hearts with all they've been through.

For Sidney's 10th birthday, he's decided to do the walk for autism. He's asked that instead of people buying him birthday presents, they donate money for his walk! I don't know many adults, let alone kids, that would be willing to give up their own birthday party/presents to help someone else.

I thought I would post his personal donation page on here. He's an amazing kid and he's trying so hard to reach his goal of $400 in donations. Here's a note from my mom (Sidney's Meme) and from Carol Sandstrom (his current foster mom.)

Hey ya'll
I'm forwarding this to family and friends - I know a few of you have never met Sidney, but he is the oldest of our foster sons. They lived with us for about 2 years and have been with Cam and Carol Sandstrom since Jan 2007. I know they were prepared all their lives to be the parents of these sweet boys. We're still waiting on a slow system and then they will be adopted by Cam and Carol. These children have had a really hard childhood but it has only made their hearts bigger and bigger. Sidney just got out of Vanderbilt hospital a week ago after a 9 day stay. He was really bad sick - but even in the hospital his concern was for everyone else.

I wanted to send this to those of you that know him and those of you that have heard me pour out my heart about him and his brothers. If you can help him reach his goal, I would be so thankful. Anyone else you know that might want to help this angel reach his goal and maybe go way beyond it.... please forward this to them.

I love this little boy. He and his brothers have been such a blessing in our lives and everyone's lives that they have come in contact with. Because of these children, things are changing and getting better for others. Laws are changing. Please check out his page - I know one day God will bless him and his brothers beyond measure, just as they have blessed our lives beyond measure.

Thanks so much
Beckye Taylor
Sidney's, Charlie's and Joseph's MeMe

Sorry for the "mass email" but it was the only way for me to get this done! This Saturday, Sidney will be walking in the Walk for Autism event in Nashville. This is what HE asked to do for his 10th birthday. I've sent each of you an invitation to my blog space, which has more details. He also has a personal space on the autism speaks webspace. If you go to my blog, there's a link to cut and paste to take you directly to HIS page. He told me what he wanted to say on his profile - so it will give you a glimpse into his tender heart! He's asking that no one give him presents, but rather that you donate to the fund. You can do that electronically from his personal page. Any amount is that much toward his goal. He has set a goal of $400 -- $100 for each of his four cousins who either have been diagnosed autistic, with autistic characteristics or are being evaluated for autism. (Alex J., Aidan, Gavin, and Kimmy)

Oh, I'll just put that link in this message too, just in case you have any trouble with the blog. Ignore some of the other "rantings" on the blog (especially "Why Frogs are Bald"! -- unless you just want to laugh at the sleep-deprived mind spin of a tired Mommy!!)

http://www.walknowforautism.org/tenn/personal/heartswideopen (just cut-and-paste)

Anyway, give me a call if you have questions! Thanks for helping Sidney reach for a heart-felt goal!!! He's such an amazing boy!

Love to all!!

Here's the website again...

These little boys are truly something special! Thanks for y'all's help with this!!!

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