Thursday, September 11, 2008


I had my last Dr. Appointment today until the baby is born. It was a little nuts. First, the scale told me 3 different weights... one was WAY too high, one WAY too low, and the other was just about right, so we went with that one (It's a little digital scale... so maybe the batteries were funky or something!) Then, my dr was at the hospital with another patient who was in labor, so I had to wait a little bit before she got back... but it wasn't too bad really. I'm measuring fine, and there's been no REAL change in dilating or anything like that, but Dr said the baby's head is REALLY LOW! Which has been causing me EXTREME pain when I walk. She said with as low as the baby is, and how she's kinda slowed down on the movement and such, I could possibly go into labor on my own this weekend!!! I thought "WooHoo" at first, then I thought, "Oh Crap! No, wait!!!" But, who knows what will happen. I'll probably be sitting here waiting til Tuesday for this little one, and that's fine. It'll Give me more time to work on the stuff I"ve been trying to get done. Atleast most of the stuff having to do WITH the baby is done. Anywho - back to my Dr appt... since the baby HASN"T been moving as much as she used to, they decided to do an NST or non stress test! So they hooked me up to the monitors to watch the baby and my contractions (which have been frequent, but not in any pattern.) I guess the orange juice I drank on the way down kicked in right then, cause the baby went nuts for a little bit. She was jumping all over my stomach. Then she calmed back down which I was greatful for. Anywho - they said she looked fine - good heartbeat, okay movement... So yeah. That was my last OB appt until we meet this little one. The closer we get to her being here, the more anxious I am about calling her Maddie or Madison... I still say it sometimes, but not as often and I had been. She's mostly just "the baby" for right now, til I see her.

Oh yeah - And how's this for a Preggo Brain! Last night me and chris and taylor all went shopping to Ross and Target. We were trying to get gifts from the girls for each other (a baby doll and stroller for Taylor from Maddie, and a baby blanket for Maddi from Taylor.) We had done all our shopping and then some, and were on our way out to the car. Taylor was sleepy and fussing a bit. Chris put her in her seat and left me to buckle her in (his big ole hands have a hard time with it I guess!) We had bought her some Elmo slippers and since she was fussing so bad, I thought they might cheer her up, so I went on and put them on her in the car. Well, Then I just jumped in the front seat and we drove home! About 3 minutes from my parents house, I turned around to check on Taylor and thought something looked odd... but it took me a minute to figure out what. I had forgotten to buckle her in her seat!!!!!!! I almost freaked out. I probably would have started SOBBING if I had been alone, but thankfully chris was there. I just jumped back in the back real fast and buckled her in for the rest of the ride home. She was fine, and nothing happened, but I still felt pretty bad for forgetting to buckle her in. I got over it pretty easily though. Last night was a hormonal night for me (just ask chris) and I was actually proud of myself for handling that part of it so well. I'm sure the shock of it will insure that it never happens again. I can't wait to have all my brain back, that is, if it ever comes back!

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  1. I didn't buckle Kevin in once. We went about a mile to where we were going. I parked, and he was standing in his car seat looking out the back window. Never happened to me again! About the name, we weren't sure about Andrew until he was born. I had to look at his face and call him Andy before I was happy naming him that. You'll see her face and you'll call her one or the other and you'll know if it's right. Keep us updated about how you're doing and pictures as soon as you can! Love and hugs!


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