Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dr. Appt Update

I had my 2nd to the last dr appt today. No change in anything really. No dilating, no weight gain, no anything! Pretty uneventful appt.

I did learn something that made me VERY excited! Baptist Hospital has started a new program or thing they do when they do c-sections. Used to (when I had Taylor this is how it went) you go to the Operating Room, they take out the baby, clean it off a bit, let you see it, then wheel it and the new dad off to the nursery where they check to make sure it's all healthy, give it a bath, and all that good stuff. Then the drs finish sewing you up, wheel you into recovery, and you're alone for a while, wondering what's going on... where is everyone?

Well, now, they keep the baby with YOU the whole time, they clean it off, check vitals, all that good stuff in the OR with you, then you, the baby, and the dad all go to the recovery room together! I'm so excited about this. I felt a little left out of things last time when they took the baby away. I felt very alone! I'm not sure exactly how or when the rest of the family and visitors get to see the baby, maybe everyone just comes into the recovery room with you when you're ready. I hope that's the case so that I can be there to show off our new little girl! Chris got all the glory last time :) Anyways, I'm very excited to be able to keep our new little girl with me that whole time. It will definately help me to feel more a part of the birth of my daughter!

Anyways, I will let y'all know if anything new comes up. 12 days left... and counting!

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  1. Thats good. They kept Grant with me the whole time until I fell asleep then they took him to the nursery but I had him at almost 11pm so they brought him to me as soon as i woke up the next morning,


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