Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Late... So why am I up?

Madison... That's why. She has her days and nights mixed up. During the day it's great. She sleeps all day with only a few whimpers when she's hungry. But at night... she has to be held all night long. The past couple nights I have gotten no sleep. I suppose I could wake Chris up... but what's the point. There's really nothing he can do since I'm breastfeeding. So it's a bit hard on me. But chris did say if i needed to wake him up this up this weekend, he would be glad to help. I may end up taking advantage of that, but who knows. Anyone have any ideas on how to teach a week old baby when its time to sleep and when its not? Any advice would be more than welcome!!!

In other news, Taylor has found a love for the letter R. We were playing with her magnet letters today and she kept saying R over and over again. It was cute. We are also moving back into our room tomorrow. I'm a bit worried it may still be a bit early, but i can't handle it anymore. I need my room back, and I hate being away from Taylor. And I want things to be a bit more back to normal. That also means I will no longer be using chris's laptop, and I will be able to use my computer to post all the new pics of maddie and Taylor. So hopefully those will be up this weekend.

Well maddie is screaming... so yeah. I can't wait to get no sleep again. It's my favorite.


  1. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with Taylor. It stinks that you can't pick her up and she is probably too small to understand everything, poor girl. Luckily you have lots of family.

    Okay, my advice comes from a book called Baby Whisperer. It says to put your baby on a schedule during the day where they eat, do an activity, and then sleep. The most important thing is to keep them awake after they eat during the day even if you have to change clothes or diaper, whatever, just so they learn to have a period of wakefulness after they eat. During the night, feed them in a dark area, don't talk to them and put them right back to bed after you feed them. Of course Madison is only a week old, but keep trying and she will learn. You are such a good mom and I admire you so much for the job you are doing.

    That's my advice, take or leave it. I'm sure you've heard it before anyway. Good Luck!

  2. I know its hard Grant was the same way. And still gets up 2 times a night. Its very hard becasue I love sleeping. It will get better least thats what everyone tells me =) I will have to come visit in the next week or so.

  3. Congratulations of your new little one!

    When Ruby was a baby she love these swaddler blankets. I got it at Target for $10, made by Boppy. So even though it was tempting to put her in it all the time, I only put her in it at night.

    I used a noise machine or a humidifier at night. I made sure everything was cozier at night and a little less cozy in the day.

    In day I unwrapped her alot, changed her diaper alot. But at night I put diaper rash med on her and only changed her it was necessary. And this is a little bit for older babies, but I didn't talk to Ruby at night at all! It seems mean but...

    Ruby was my best sleeper. My other two, were not. I know how important that sleep is! Good luck!


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