Thursday, September 4, 2008

My fish bowl!!!

We finally did it. Chris painted my Fish Bowl tonight! LOL...
I'm debating if I should shower or not!
I'm sure many of you weren't aware of Christopher's artistic abilities! But he's really very good!
from the side... I'm getting big!
This little black fish is chris's favorite! He likes the bug eyes!
The little deep sea diver... His helmet is actually my belly button!
The castle! I asked for this part!

Taylor didn't know what to think! I kept telling her they were fishies. I'm not sure she understood.

Sorry about the immodesty!!! But I didn't want to wear anything that could get damaged!


  1. Thats soooo cute!!! Taylor's face is priceless. I can't believe there are on 12 days left.

  2. Was Maddy kicking? I bet she was. Too funny. I was wondering where your belly button went, I'm glad you said... I couldn't tell...good job bro.


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