Friday, July 23, 2010

2 of my favorite people

I hardly have any pictures of me and the girls... so I took a couple pics of me and my 2 favorite people this morning.

I'm feelin a bit yuck to my stomach, but hopefully we'll have a great day and a great weekend anyways.  We've got some SUPER EXCITING plans for this weekend.  
So I'm hoping I'll feel way more awesome by this evening.

Have a Fantastic weekend yourselves!


  1. aww, beautiful ladies. your hair is so long, didn't you just get it cut? lol. have a good weekend

  2. lol, I got it cut about a year ago... it'll be a year in september, and it was SHORT, chin length. I miss my long long hair though. :( I want it down to my butt again, like it was when I had Taylor!


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