Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girl Butts and Boy Shorts

Maddie has gone without a diaper since 9 this morning.  

We bought her some of the CUTEST little girl panties... BOY SHORTS

Maddie's butt is adorable regardless, but I LOVE how her little bubble butt looks in these...

She hasn't gone in her potty yet today... YES she's gone 7 hours without peeing or pooping.  

But I have filled her sippy cup with water and I refuse to put a diaper on her butt.

She even made it through nap time in her big girl panties.  

At least I know she can hold it!

She WILL be potty trained before the end of the summer... I think she'll have to be to start mother's day out anyways!  (I'll be working at one at the Y and the girls will be there with me... Not quite "mother's day out" for me, but atleast they'll be learning something!  More on that later)

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