Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Phones - New Numbers

This is my new phone.  It's also Chris's new phone. 

Chris's work has paid for his cell phone for a little while now.  Tomorrow he has to turn it in and we had been trying to figure out what we would do.  There weren't many family plans out there that offered what we wanted. 

Chris finally checked out Boost Mobile.  For only $50 a month we can have unlimited everything.  Well, that's $50 a piece, but that $100 a month for both of us is a great rate compared with some other plans and companies.  A huge plus to us also is... NO CONTRACT.

After 6 years with Sprint - I'M DONE.  I officially broke up with them last night.  I had tried for over an hour to get Sprint to transfer my number since they're partners or something with Boost.  After being transfered to 3 different sprint customer service reps, and finally being hung up on, I decided keeping my number was not worth it.  So I canceled my phone.  It won't actually be turned off until the 7th of august though.

But yeah... Me and Chris both have new cell phones (identical, including the cases... we're a bit nervous about switching phones, but Chris is going to put some vinyl on his at work) and we both have new numbers.  SO - If you'd like to have our new numbers - Let me know!  I'm obviously not going to post them on here.  I also have a new email address (yahoo has over 3000 unread messages!)  so if you want my new email and my new number - let me know and I'll get them to you somehow. 

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