Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Fav

I just found this blog today and I'm IN LOVE with the cute printable journal pages on here.

Here's some examples:
I love how she words the to do lists.  I also love the lightening round.  These journals are not only to record great moments and memories, but get you thinking about your to do lists and routines... just life in general.  I'm sure it'll be great fun in a few years to look back on them and see the changes and memories I made. 

They are the CUTEST printable journal pages I've ever seen and I'm so excited.  I printed out EVERY single journal page she has so far.  I'm going to include them in my Family Notebook.  I'm so crazy about them I had to share!  Let me know if you find them as crazy cute as I do.  From time to time, I may even blog my journal answers, cause they're just so darn fun!

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