Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To Load or Not to Load

Me and Chris have an ongoing battle with the dishwasher.  

I think the truly hard part is that we both figure the other one will get to the dishes.  But the other one usually doesn't and the dishes pile up.  

Our new solution is that dishes are NOT allowed in the sink, unless they are pots or pans that need hand washing.  We will load the washer throughout the day(s) and start the washer at night.

To help aid in our battle against washing of dirty dishes, I made a dishwasher magnet.

I'm sure you can kinda figure out the process... It's not hard
But I'll let you in on the steps anyways.

I took a 4x6 adhesive backed magnet sheet.
I cut up scrapbook paper (reminds me of bubbles) to create my background.  Was trying to go for a mosaic 
look, but I think I kinda missed.

I printed out Clipart with "Clean" and "Dirty" underneath
I cut them out and glued them to the scrapbooking paper.

I put contact paper on the front of the magnet to help keep it clean and make it last longer.

When you unload the dishwasher, you flip the magnet to say "DIRTY" on top.  When you start the dishwasher, you flip the magnet to say "CLEAN" on top.  Not too hard!

TADA!  The end.  Hopefully this will help us keep our sink clean and dishwasher loaded...

Now my only problem is if I should keep this ON the dishwasher, or on the fridge at eye level... Suggestions?

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  1. Yep, it's a nifty idea. props on the d.i.y. part. in my experience you must keep it out of the kid's reach or you will be cleaning dishes that are clean and putting away dishes that are dirty, lol. good luck!


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