Monday, July 12, 2010

Magnet Board

It always seems that I have my best crafting ideas in the middle of the night.

Last night I decided I was sick of having a cup of pens on my desk.  I went rummaging around our apartment for a solution.  I ended up in the kitchen with a magnetic desk organizer.  We've had it stuck to our fridge with dry erase markers and notepads in it.

I figured it would be perfect.  So I brought it back to my office to discover a problem.  No where to put it.  I put on my thinking cap.  What could I use to put this magnetic organizer with in reach of my desk.  Something metal....  Hmmm....

I remembered along time ago seeing a craft where a woman took a cookie sheet, hung it on a wall, and let her kids use their ABC magnets on it.  There was my solution.  A COOKIE SHEET.  I went back into the kitchen, under the stove.  I have like 6 cookie sheets!!!  Where did they all come from???  I think i got most of them from bridal showers and our wedding.  I was trying to decide if I should do this.  Then it hit me, when will I EVER need to use all these cookie sheets at once?  I really maybe only need two or three at the most.  

So I brought one back to my room and started thinking about decorating it.  Cause who wants to look at the back of a cookie sheet all day?  I got out my scrapbooking paper and my mod podge.  I had a set of scrapbooking paper and die cuts I think I bought at the Dollar Tree.  Since they all are from the same set, I didn't have to mix and match anything.  Just stick it on, and paint away with the mod podge.  

Here is my finished project.  The really easy thing is that there was already a hole on one end of my cookie sheet.  Yes, I'd probably rather have it up horizontally instead of vertical... but this way there was nothing else to do but hammer in a nail and hang the cookie sheet in place.

I may end up making another one or two to have a set of them on the wall here at my desk.  

Now I just need some crazy cute magnets to match... maybe I can make those too!

Also, the ribbon above the board is my inspiration wall.  I didn't have a corkboard to hang stuff on... so I did whatever I could.  Stick some ribbon to the wall and use paperclips to put up things that inspire me.  There are pictures of the girls, postcards, paintings (from chris and me)... I can add to it or take away from it as simple and removing a paper clip.  I love it.  Now I just need to make the rest of this wall as cute.

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