Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goodwill Finds

I went to goodwill today looking for a new desk/table for my craft room... yes I'm redoing it YET AGAIN.
Moving on... I didn't find anything in that department, but I didn't realize it was Wednesday.

At the local Goodwill, there is a different colored tag on sale 1/2 off every week.  
Every Wednesday, shirts and shoes with that color are only $.99.  

Taylor is really lacking on 3t stuff, so I figured I'd check out some clothes for her... and also for me.  

Here's what all I got!
For Taylor
2 pairs of pants
1 pair of shorts - store tag still on it
1 dress
2 t-shirts
1 hoodie - looks brand new

For Me
2 t-shirts
2 cami's (1 still has the store tag on it)
1 sweater vest (from kohls, store tag still on it... was $30!)
1 more shirt... scroll down further to see it.

In all I spent just over $15!
That's 1/2 what that one shirt cost originally! 


I also got this shirt
and with a little help from the sewing machine 
turned it into this
I wrote about it on our other blog.


  1. that's tooo cool!! but i do NOT get the directions on Boogers and Pearls [LOVE that name btw] but i'm a visual person so i'm sure to people who can follow directions they are great! i looove goodwill, but you got some GREAT stuff, I've never scored like that. sweet deal.

  2. ok tiff... so basically, lay a shirt that fits you on top of the over sized shirt... trace, cut out, and sew. Pretty simple. Sorry the tute confused you ;)

  3. nah, it looks like you made the sleeves and the torso longer... you worked some magic on it some how girl. =p


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